General Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are many reasons your physician might have referred your loved one for long term care. If your loved one is recovering from an accident or injury, your physician might believe a short term rehabilitation stay is appropriate. If your loved one has a chronic, disabling medical condition, the referral might be for a longer period. In these conditions, care at Chautauqua Guest Homes can assist in slowing the progression of the condition. The facility staff can provide assistance with personal care such as bathing, dressing, walking, and eating as needed by your loved one.

  • When your loved one was admitted into the hospital, it was most likely for an acute diagnosis. Your loved one has been stabilized to the degree that discharge from the hospital is possible, but for other reasons a post acute level of care is needed. Chautauqua Guest Homes can provide your loved one with the care options needed on a 24 hour basis as determined by the physician.

  • Your loved one’s physician will assist in determining the services and level of care your loved one will need at Chautauqua Guest Homes. If your loved one is being discharged from the hospital, the hospital discharge planner will also help. Chautauqua staff frequently go to the hospital to assist in evaluating your needs and to gather information so there is a smooth transition of care.

    A direct admission from home is always a possibility also. Again, Chautauqua Guest Homes staff will assist you in notifying your physician to make the admission easier and to obtain orders for necessary care.

  • Absolutely! Therapy services are available by physician order and will involve licensed therapy staff. Therapy can provide pain relief, may restore maximum function, and assists in preventing disability. Therapists also can recommend and obtain assistive devices.

    • Physical therapy works with injuries/diseases affecting joint motion, muscle strength, and endurance, mainly with lower extremities.
    • Occupational therapy offers assistance to those needing to improve functional independence in completing activities of daily living like shaving and tooth brushing, mainly with upper extremities.
    • Speech therapy treats communication disorders of speech, language, voice and swallowing.

    Chautauqua Guest Homes employs our own Occupational Therapist. Speech Therapy services are contracted from Floyd County Medical Center. Physical Therapy is contracted through Northern Iowa Therapy. All are very experienced in the provision of therapy to individuals.

  • Chautauqua Guest Homes are staffed with RNs, LPNs, Certified Medication Aides, Certified Rehabilitation Aides, and Certified Nursing Assistants. Our turnover rate is one of the lowest in the industry. In other words, our staff are extremely experienced in the provision of quality long term care. You will come to know and value our staff as much as we do.

  • Chautauqua Guest Homes accepts Medicare reimbursement if the individual’s care meets Medicare guidelines. We also accept Medicaid and can assist you in receiving this coverage if you meet Medicaid’s financial criteria. If you have private insurance, we are experienced in working with the insurance carriers to maximize your coverage. Some individuals pay privately for their care also. Each of Chautauqua Guest Homes’ business offices and our social worker can provide detailed information and assistance on available options in determining the appropriate payment method.