Key Personnel

Administrator - David Ayers, LNHA

David has worked at Chautauqua Guest Homes for over 35 years and is a second generation owner operator. David has been involved at Riverside Senior Living from its very beginning. David believes that the tenants are extended family members and enjoys coffee with them every morning.

Susan Ayers – RN, Infection Preventionist

Susan has been an administrator since 2003. However she began employment at Chautauqua in 1992 as a Director of Nursing and then as Corporate Nurse. After receiving her administrator license, she was promoted to the head management position at 9th Street. Susan is the Quality champion for Chautauqua Guest Homes. She also assures that policies and procedures meet the latest advances in long term care. Susan enjoys leading a team of loyal and dedicated staff on a daily basis.

Nurse Manager - Rachel Krause, RN.

Rachel joined our team as the RN Nurse Manager at Riverside Senior Living in March of 2022. Rachel’s background includes working in Mitchell County Regional Health Center as a nurse on the Med/Surg floor and specialty clinic. Rachel is involved in screening individuals for admission to all Chautauqua Homes and monitoring Chautauqua staff at all levels to assure that professional standards are maintained. Rachel trains all new tenant assist at Riverside and monitors delegation to Med Managers. She also assesses the need for further support services and then arranges for these services within the facility. In her spare time, she enjoys time with her family and friends.