Discharge Planning

Chautauqua Guest Homes encourage individuals who are capable to return home and will assist in making arrangements to make this transition successful. The facility social worker can assist in making arrangements for services within the home and nursing staff can provide education to individuals and their caregivers regarding the best way to provide care to maintain and/or improve functioning. The therapy department will even make home safety visits to assess the environment and recommend modifications that will keep the individual safer in the home.

Effective discharge planning begins at the time of admission and requires that the entire care planning team work together on goals that assure progress towards discharge. The following questions will be addressed prior to discharge.

Q. Have referrals been provided to you by the Social Worker for caregivers after your discharge if you desire?
Q. Will you need continued therapy after your discharge? Did you know that you can return to Chautauqua Guest Homes for outpatient therapy?
Q. Is your home environment able to accommodate your current physical needs?
Q. Would you like our therapists to conduct a home safety assessment prior to your discharge to find ways to make your return safer?
Q. Has the nursing department sent a current list of your ordered medications to the pharmacy of your choice?
Q. Has your need for any durable medical equipment been discussed and arranged prior to discharge?
Q. Are you being sent home with the name and contact numbers for all referrals?
Q. Do you have copies of your discharge instructions from nursing, therapy, and rehabilitation?