Admission Screening

It is extremely important the individuals are happy with their eventual placement decision and that they are reaching their maximum level of functioning. All nursing facilities nation-wide are required to pre-screen individuals prior to placement to assure that all needs can be met.

At Chautauqua Guest Homes, a nurse will carefully review the medical and psycho-social needs of every applicant for admission. This review might be completed by telephone or electronically or sometimes a nurse will come to the transferring facility to assure that all information is complete and accurate. Any questions might be clarified by the individual, the family, the physician, or other medical professionals. By completing a thorough assessment, the nursing facility can make sure that all necessary services are readily available BEFORE the individual is admitted to the facility. Financial screening is also important so that the applicant has the peace of mind knowing that services are arranged and paid for appropriately.

There is a lot of demographical information that must be included in each individual’s medical record. Sometimes it is helpful to begin obtaining this information prior to admission to streamline the process. Chautauqua staff will guide all applicants through the process of admission from start to finish. Individuals and their families are encouraged to ask questions as they arise so that expectations of all are consistent. The Chautauqua Guest Home financial screening form is included.