Choosing Long Term Care

Choosing long term care is an extremely difficult decision. Often the decision must be made quickly because the individual is at the hospital, ready to be discharged, but not quite independent enough to return to home. Other times an individual is ready to leave the traditional home to transition to a setting with a little more assistance. The reason doesn’t matter-what matters is that Chautauqua Guest Homes are ready to assist individuals and their families and loved ones during this difficult time. Remember that you are not renting a room in a facility, you are purchasing high quality nursing facility care. Shop for a facility that comprehensively addresses the things important to you.

For over 50 years, Chautauqua Guest Homes have provided quality long term care in the Charles City/Floyd County area. A family owned corporation, Chautauqua Guest Homes have consistently and carefully grown the facilities and fostered this family environment. The persons we serve on a daily basis are our extended family. The end result is professional and loving care to each of the individuals served.

Our goals are simple…

To provide person centered care that focuses on the individual where meeting the needs of the individual is the top priority.

To always act in a professional manner to those we serve. Personal privacy is important. We accept the responsibility for being a part of the care team by living our mission and vision of superlative care.

To consistently display respect for all we come in contact with. We are committed to treating everyone with courtesy, dignity, kindness, and compassion.

To realize that teamwork is the essence of doing a good job. We support each other and work together to achieve excellence in the services we provide. We accept everyone including their strengths and weaknesses.

To encourage communication that is positive, helpful, and friendly because communication is the foundation of excellent care.

To constantly assist those we serve in meeting their highest potential and encouraging their independence. We realize that every person balances risks and benefits and we will do our best to assist individuals in living life as they prefer. A link to a Medicare booklet regarding the selection of long-term care is listed below;

Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home or other Long-Term Care:

You have a right to expect the best.

All Chautauqua facilities feature;

Safety – All Chautauqua facilities are equipped with emergency automatic generators, and have secure outside areas and comprehensive fall reduction programs. All have above average life safety surveys as conducted by the State of Iowa Fire Marshall.

Payment Flexibility – As determined by level of care, all facilities accept Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. Facility staff are available to assist in the completion of documents relating to all of these programs.

An Emphasis on Quality – Chautauqua facilities are members of Telligen’s nation-wide Nursing Home Quality Collaborative, recipients of multiple grants to promote quality in nursing facilities, participants in the Advancing Excellence program, participants in American Health Care Association Trend Tracker program, Quality award winners as recognized by the long term care industry, and above average survey histories.

Staff Tenure and Longevity – Quality care is not possible until staff thoroughly knows and understands each resident’s needs and desires. This is where Chautauqua’s commitment to relationships really shines. Several staff members at all of the facilities have over twenty years of service. This includes certified nursing assistants, professional nurses and management staff. Individualized care flourishes in an environment that promotes caring and respect for everyone.

Resident/Tenant Satisfaction – On a standardized nation-wide survey, satisfaction scores at all 3 facilities averaged 4.8 on a scale of 5. An overwhelming majority of our residents would recommend our facilities to other people looking for placement.

Chautauqua Guest Homes are experienced in assisting individuals and their families through the difficult and sometimes emotional process of deciding on a new way of life for their loved one. Our staff provides 24 hours a day comprehensive care and companionship to the individuals we serve in a stimulating and caring environment.

We assist and/or provide our individuals with help completing activities of daily living such as dressing and bathing, socialization through a variety of activities, and nutritious meals and snacks designed to accommodate individual preferences. We also have access to rehabilitation and other specialized services as each person’s condition requires. A beautician provides services on site and we assist with making arrangements to see medical specialists, podiatrists, dentists, and optometrists.

At Chautauqua Guest Homes we provide multiple levels of care including assisted living at Riverside Senior Living, skilled and intermediate care at 11th Street and 9th Street Chautauqua, a secure dementia unit at 11th Street Chautauqua, and hospice and respite care at all three facilities. Descriptions of each are listed below.

Assisted Living: This level of care features person-directed autonomy. At this level, clients are called tenants and the living environment features apartment style living with amenities and services. Cost of this level is typically dependent on three choices; apartment type or style, common offerings such as meals and housekeeping, and individualized services.

Skilled Care: With the trend towards shorter hospital stays, more and more individuals are looking for care outside of the hospital setting. The skilled nursing program at Chautauqua Guest Homes is designed to help individuals ease into the transition of returning home by providing specialized and personalized skilled nursing and rehabilitation tailored to each individual’s need and anticipated length of stay. Promoting independence and safety, our skilled nursing program provides high acuity nursing care for post acute clinically complex residents. Our interdisciplinary team will work with the resident to help each individual achieve the highest possible level of functioning prior to returning home. Frequently Medicare and other insurers cover skilled care as long as resident progress to goals continues. When progress plateaus, discharge from this level is required.

Intermediate Care: Intermediate care is designed to meet existing needs and to prevent declines as possible. The cost of intermediate care is often paid for privately, by Medicaid, or through long term care insurance. The care provided at the intermediate level is usually provided by certified nursing assistants under the direction of licensed nurses 24 hours per day. These services include assistance of any type with bathing, dressing, grooming, transfer and walking, toileting and/or eating.

Secure Dementia Unit: For selected residents who have a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis, placement in a secure unit is recommended. This unit is typically for those residents who need minimal or no assistance ambulating and who benefit from a structured secure environment. Residents in these units usually are receiving cares at the intermediate level.

Hospice Care: As individuals approach the end of life, a special type of care is often a way to enhance this difficult time. Chautauqua Guest Homes have collaborated for years with local hospice agencies allowing a working partnership to better meet the individual and family’s needs.

Respite Care: Does the caregiver in an individual’s home need a break? Does the routine caregiver need to recover from a health issue such as surgery? Does the usual caregiver need to go out of town with family or friends? No matter what the reason, if a home caregiver is temporarily unable to assist an individual in the home, Chautauqua Guest Homes can help. A respite admission at any of the facilities will allow the usual caregiver time off for any reason. Staff at the facility will be happy to assist in making arrangements for these planned, temporary stays.