Legal Arrangements

Power of Attorney

Chautauqua Guest Homes want to follow the wishes of all individuals who receive services. Any individual who has delegated authority to another should make sure that a copy of this delegation is available in the individual’s medical record. This could include a general power of attorney, a durable (medical) power of attorney, and/or a legal guardianship.


In addition, if an individual has given any direction that applies to the medical condition, this information should also be shared with the facility. Chautauqua Guest Homes recognizes IPOST (Iowa Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment) as the preferred method of communicating an individual’s advance directives regarding medical care. The facility Social Worker or nursing staff can assist any individual in completing, amending or even revoking medical advance directives such as “Do Not Resuscitate” or “No Hospitalization” requests. This link provides more information on IPOST;


Chautauqua Guest Homes also recognize the importance of individual privacy regarding medical conditions. Employees are required to renew their commitment to maintain privacy and confidentiality regarding all individual medical conditions on an annual basis. Every person receiving services specifies those individuals who are authorized to receive medical information regarding their conditions and treatments. This list can be changed or updated at any time by the responsible individual. It is maintained in written form in the medical record.