Financing Long-Term Care

Financing Long Term Care

Chautauqua Guest Homes accept payment from many different sources. At times, Medicare might cover services. Typically Medicare has several very strict requirements regarding when they will pay for care.

Medicaid is another government-based payment method. An individual must have limited financial resources to qualify for Medicaid. It is necessary for the individual to provide very detailed financial information to the Medicaid program who then determines if the individual is eligible. The Business Office at the facility can assist with this application process as the individual desires.

Some individuals have private insurance that covers some or the majority of services. Each policy is different so it is helpful if the covered individual brings the policy to the facility so that together coverage can be maximized. At times, the facility is required to submit medical record information to prove the need for coverage. Again Chautauqua staff will assist throughout this process.

At times individuals pay privately for long term care services. When this happens, there should be good communication between the individual and the Business Office so that the payment source can easily be changed when funds are exhausted.

Cards for any payment source should be brought to the facility so that it is easier to access records from other agencies as necessary.

Links to several Manuals regarding payment options are listed below;

Medicare Coverage of Skilled Nursing Facility Care:

Medicare & Skilled Nursing Facility Care Benefits:

Skilled Nursing Facility Checklist:‐nursing‐facility‐checklist.pdf

Application Assistance for Nursing Facility Medicaid Applicants and Families:

Iowa Medicaid Application: