Key Personnel

David Ayers – LNHA-Administrator

As a second-generation owner operator, David knows the facility inside and out. David understands how important employees are in the provision of quality care. He also knows that in Charles City, the residents are his lifelong friends and neighbors. This always fosters great relationships between everyone at the facility. He is committed to always doing the right thing the right way.

Misty Hobert - Administrator

Misty started employment at 9th Street Chautauqua in 2001 as a certified nursing assistant. On 6/29/2003, she finished classes, passed state Boards, and began employment as a Registered Nurse. She was promoted to Assistant Director of Nursing in December of 2003 and was again promoted to Director of Nursing in January of 2005. Misty was recently promoted to her current position, Admin. in January 2020. Misty strives to be a positive influence in the care of all individuals within the facility. She finds long term care to be extremely rewarding. Misty enjoys building relationships with residents, their families, staff, and other professional care providers. She does a great job of balancing the many responsibilities required of this challenging position and serves as a role model to those she supervises.

Susan Ayers - RN, Infection Preventionist

Susan has been an administrator since 2003. However she began employment at Chautauqua in 1992 as a Director of Nursing and then as Corporate Nurse. After receiving her administrator license, she was promoted to the head management position at 9th Street. Susan is the Quality champion for Chautauqua Guest Homes. She also assures that policies and procedures meet the latest advances in long term care. Susan enjoys leading a team of loyal and dedicated staff on a daily basis.

Jenny Evans - Director of Nursing

Jenny started at Chautauqua in 2013 as an LPN at 9th Street. In 2015 she finished classes and began employment as an RN. Soon after, she was promoted to the position of MDS Coordinator for both 9th Street and 11th Street. She remained in that position for 4 years. She was recently promoted again in January 2020 to the position of Director of Nursing at 9th Street. She has been a part of the Charles City community for a great length of time, having grown up on a farm outside of town and graduating from Charles City High School. She has always enjoyed working in long term care and caring for others. 

Diane Tommingo - Office Manager

Diane has been at Chautauqua since 1989. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding financial reimbursement and also technology. She always has time to visit with individuals and their families and searches for methods to assist them in managing their financial matters. Diane has extensive information regarding the Medicare and Medicaid programs and assists individual in completing the necessary paperwork.

Dara Mahlstedt - Activity Director

Dara has been employed with Chautauqua since 2007 when she started at the end of her junior year in high school. She has had various roles including certified nurses assistant, certified medication aide, falls coordinator, and now activity director. Dara has been the activity director since March of 2017. She enjoys maintaining a schedule of individualized activities, developing the monthly newsletter, and keeping the public aware of upcoming and current events and activities on the company Facebook page. 

Patty Bilharz - Food Service Supervisor

Patty has been the FSS at 9th Street since 2007 and overall has almost twenty years of experience in this position. Patty prides herself on providing nutritional offerings that meet the individual requests of the individuals served at the facility. She works well with the consultant dietician to monitor and intervene quickly if weight loss becomes a concern. Patty is enthusiastic and flexible in her role and is pleased when the individuals served love their meals.

John Ayers - LNHA-Housekeeping/Laundry Director

John has worked at Chautauqua since his teenage years in a variety of roles. As a second generation owner/operator, John works to make sure the residents have clean and sanitary linens and and that their personal items are handled with care. He also is responsible for the cleanliness of the total facility.

Sherry Hadley - Social Worker

Sherry has been a Chautauqua employee since 1998. In 2007, she was promoted to corporate social worker. Sherry is a true advocate for all the seniors we serve. She is responsible for assisting residents with their psychosocial needs and discharge planning. She is extremely flexible and works at the direction of the residents on the things important to them. She is a great listener and facilitates all problem solving within the corporation.

Betsy Gross - Occupational Therapist

Betsy has been employed at Chautauqua Guest Homes since 1999 and worked independently in the State for a contract therapy agency prior to that. She brings a wealth of expertise to the corporation and also assists in the management of the rehabilitation programs at Chautauqua. She also has overall responsibility for the functioning of the activities programs at the facilities. Betsy is very practical and common sense and brainstorms solutions to challenges presented by individuals throughout their stays.